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How to deal with sludge in the most environmentally friendly way? How much do you know about the basic steps of processing?

Time: 2022-09-14 Author: Dingli Group

  Before introducing the steps of sludge treatment, let's first understand the characteristics of the sludge. The shape is unstable, the water content is large, and it has a peculiar smell. Compression dehydration, deodorization, and high-temperature drying of mud treatment are indispensable treatment processes.

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  1. Sludge extrusion dehydration. Natural drying of the sludge can remove the internal water, but it is not complete and the efficiency is relatively low. Through high-strength mechanical extrusion, the water between the sludge particles can be removed. Relatively stable, easy to transport, and follow-up treatment, commonly used dehydration equipment includes plate and frame filter press, belt extrusion dehydrator, etc.

  2. Eliminate the odor of sludge. It is well known that sludge is prone to odor, mainly because of the large amount of organic matter in it, and easy to corrupt. It is more common to use activated carbon to deodorize the odor, and the cost is relatively low. It can also be used for odorous gas photolysis purification equipment and spray adsorption towers.

  3. High-temperature drying of sludge. The purpose of high-temperature sludge drying is deep dehydration and high-temperature sterilization. The commonly used equipment is a sludge dryer or a hollow paddle dryer. The internal moisture is fully evaporated to eliminate bacteria or harmful substances, and the final dry matter moisture content is as low as 10%.

  After dehydration, deodorization and high-temperature drying by the above sludge treatment equipment, the sludge form is stable and reduced in weight.

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