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How to improve the daily production capacity of slime dryer

Time: 2022-09-13 Author: Dingli Group

  Regarding how to improve the production capacity of coal slime dryers for production enterprises, I think we can start from the following points:


  1. Try to increase the heating area of ​​the slime and the dryer.

  How to increase the heating surface of the slime dryer? Simply put, we try to expand the practice between slime and slime during the feeding stage. Slime is a kind of thing with high viscosity and humidity. In this case, the coal slime agglomeration can be well avoided in the drum, thereby improving production efficiency.

  2. Particles of crushed slime.

  The main advantage of crushed slime particles is that it can disperse which kind of agglomerated slime, so as to make the internal water that is not easily evaporated by heat evaporate as much as possible, thereby reducing the residence time of the slime in the drum and further improving the mud production efficiency.

  3. Do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment

  After accomplishing the above two points, I believe that the production efficiency of most enterprises has been improved to a certain extent. If these two points can be achieved, the burden on the equipment will be reduced while the output is increased. On this basis, If properly maintained, I believe it will greatly enhance the service life of the equipment.

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