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Mineral Slag Rotary Drum Dryer
Capacity:200-2000/(t/d) Power:100-500(kw) Diamention:8*25-15*50
Widely used in cement, mining, building materials, chemicals, food, metallurgy, chemical, fertilizer production, slag, clay and other industries.

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Zhengzhou DINGLI New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is currently the most professional and most authoritative enterprise engaged in the research and development of drying equipment in China. It is the only science and technology enterprise in China's drying industry that integrates design, production, and sales. After nearly 20 years Fast and steady development has gradually become the leader of the Chinese drying equipment industry. The dryer for slag, slag, and other materials has been meticulously researched and developed. After more than 20 years of drying practice and researches, it has been continuously improved. With its advanced technology, high efficiency, low energy consumption, stable operation, and easy operation and maintenance, safety and environmental protection, praised by users, more than 100 sets of drying equipment are perfectly operating in China and around the world. This type of equipment is widely used in cement, mining, building materials, chemicals, food, metallurgy, chemical, fertilizer production, slag, clay, and other industries. The equipment can be customized according to the type of material, depth of precipitation and user needs to meet the individual needs of each user.

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Equipment Output (T/D) Moisture content of raw material (%) Final moisture content (%) Total Power (kw) Spatial footprint (m²)
DLHG1615 200 20-40 3-15 100 8*25
DLHG1916 300 20-40 3-15 120 8*26
DLHG2218 500 20-40 3-15 160 10*35
DLHG2520 700 20-40 3-15 200 10*40
DLHG2820 1000 20-40 3-15 290 12*40
DLHG3430 1500 20-40 3-15 420 15*46
DLHG4032 2000 20-40 3-15 500 15*50
Note: The production capacity of the equipment is directly related to the proportion of mineral slag to reduce the moisture, the precipitation ratio is large, and the equipment production capacity is reduced accordingly. Specific consulting firm.

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