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Is there any way to increase the output of sawdust dryer equipment?

Time: 2022-09-15 Author: Dingli Group

  Sawdust is the wood organic matter with a moisture content of around 40-50%, and sawdust dryers turn them from discarded waste into usable resources. The drying effect should be measured from the aspects of output size, finished material characteristics, ease of operation, one-time production costs, and operating costs. So on the existing basis, what methods can improve the productivity of sawdust drying equipment?

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  First of all, some simple modifications can be made to the sawdust dryer to meet the current production needs, such as adding a lifting device to the inside of the sawdust dryer, increasing the drying area of ​​the sawdust, and improving the heat exchange conditions, so that to a certain extent Improve sawdust drying effect. It is also possible to reduce the moisture content of the sawdust material in advance. If the initial material humidity of the sawdust is particularly high, directly entering the sawdust dryer for drying treatment will not only take a long time, but also the drying rate is very low, and the energy consumption of the sawdust drying equipment will also change. big. The user can first physically dry the sawdust with excessive humidity in advance, and if possible, it can be dried a little to reduce the moisture content of the sawdust.

  Finally, it is necessary to maintain the high-performance operation of the sawdust dryer, and do a good job in the maintenance of the dryer equipment. Imagine that the purchased sawdust dryer equipment often fails during work or the work efficiency is not ideal due to insufficient maintenance. These all More or less affect the output of the sawdust drying production line, so it is also an aspect that cannot be ignored to do a good job in the daily management of the sawdust dryer.

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