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What is the use of tofu residue after drying?

Time: 2022-09-26 Author: Dingli Group

  What is the use of tofu dregs after drying? After drying, the bean curd residue has a wide range of uses. It can be used to process feed materials or organic fertilizers, and can also be used as cat litter. The bean curd dregs dryer is suitable for the dehydration and drying of soybean dregs, bean curd dregs, potato dregs and other powder residues. The moisture content of the dried bean dregs can be controlled by itself, which is convenient for storage and meets the processing needs of soybean product processing plants of various sizes.

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  The tofu dregs dryer produced by Zhengzhou Dingli adopts mechanized operation with high efficiency, the quality of drying bean dregs is good, and the bean dregs dryer is durable and high-yield, with low labor requirements. The bean dregs dryer adopts a paddle stirring drum dryer, which avoids the paste and sticky walls that are easily formed when the water content is too high, which can shorten the service life of the bean dregs dryer and reduce the drying time of the bean dregs. Dry quality affects the recycling and economic value of bean dregs.

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