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How about the sweet potato residue dryer? How much does it cost?

Time: 2022-09-23 Author: Dingli Group

  The sweet potato residue dryer, also known as the sweet potato residue drying machine, takes the drum as a carrier and can quickly achieve the purpose of drying by contact with hot air. The dried sweet potato residue can be used to make high-quality feed for aquaculture and reduce the cost of breeding. It is deeply loved by users of starch factories, feed factories, and farms. So what about the sweet potato residue dryer? How much does it cost?

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  How much is a sweet potato residue dryer?

  There are many manufacturers of sweet potato residue dryers on the market, and the prices of equipment produced by different manufacturers are different. That is because different manufacturers have different production processes, and the raw materials used in the production of sweet potato residue dryers are different. Different costs, as well as differences in sales models and regions, will result in different prices for the same sweet potato residue dryer. Moreover, the sweet potato residue dryer has a wide range of production capacity and many models. Different models have different prices. In addition, the prices of different configurations of equipment of the same model will also vary.

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