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What are the factors that determine the yield of biomass pellets?

  Do you know what is biomass pellet fuel? Biomass pellets are rod-shaped new fuels that are compressed after recycling and drying agricultural and forestry wastes. Under the current situation of increasingly scarce energy sources, the emergence of new biomass pellet fuels is undoubtedly in line with the development of the current era. Compared with traditional energy sources, biomass pellet fuels are environmentally friendly, non-polluting, and have high heat. people of all ages!

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  What is the yield of biomass pellets? How big is the biomass pellet production? This is affected by many factors, and today we will briefly talk about this aspect.

  1. Raw materials. The less impurities in the raw material, the more the dried plasmid finished product. Raw materials with a lot of impurities need to be screened and then dried. Its output will be relatively low.

  2. The humidity of the material. The humidity of the material is also called the water content of the material, and the production of biomass pellets needs to dry the excess moisture of the raw materials first, and then compress the pellets. Therefore, the amount of finished products made from materials with more moisture content is less.

  3. The quality of the equipment. The quality of the equipment is very important. Under the condition of the same humidity and the same raw materials, the quality of the selected drying and granulating equipment determines the quantity and quality of the finished biomass pellets. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good biomass pellet production line.

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