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Three technical indicators to judge the performance of bean dregs dryer

  The overall performance of the bean dregs dryer is the most concern by users. Only the bean dregs dryer with excellent performance in all aspects can increase production, reduce losses and bring maximum benefits to users. Below, the editor will explain to you which aspects should be considered to consider the overall performance of the bean dregs dryer.

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  1. Drying efficiency: It is the most important indicator when inspecting the equipment. If the drying efficiency is greater, it will indicate that the drying capacity of the dryer is strong.

  2. Quality qualification rate: it can directly reflect the performance of the equipment. At the same time, this is also one of the inspection items for the operator's technical operation. If the dried material cannot meet the standard requirements, then the entire drying process is equivalent to doing nothing. Qualified Materials can bring us good income.

  3. Drying pass rate: it refers to the period of time from the start of the bean dregs dryer to the drying process. In this process, the longer the time used, the lower the pass rate, and the shorter the time, then the Indicates that the drying speed is faster.

  The drying rate, quality pass rate and drying pass rate of the bean dregs dryer are important methods for us to investigate the performance of the drying equipment. Only by choosing the right drying equipment can we ensure normal production in the future. That's all for today's sharing.

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