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Cassava Residue Belt Dehydration Machine

Capicility: 30-120 t/d

Production cycle: 45(day)


Product Description

Cassava Residue Belt Dehydration Machine suitable for dehydration of cassava residue, potato residue, starch residue, corn starch residue, and other material.

Wet materialsDry Materials


Transport material with moisture of 80%-90% to material hopper of dehydrator by conveyor, uniformly lay the material onto the filter belt by spiral material distributing device, the filter belt move with equipment running, limiting plate scrape flatly the material layer, make the material thickness completely uniform and accordance; then high and low two complete tensioning annular filter belt clamp the material layer, drive-by driving roller, the double roller of dehydration area continuously and repeatedly press by mechanical, remove large amount water content, moisture content after dehydration is 65-70%. 

Automatically adjust extrusion force according to material features, satisfy customers` material moisture requirements. Equipment intelligent operation, 24 hours continuous automatic running, low labor working strength.


belt dehydrator principle.jpg


Model Belt width(mm) Main power(kw) Screen wash water pressure(HPa) Compressed air consumption amount(m²/min) Compressed air pressure(bar) Dimension L*W*H(mm) Initial moisture(%) Residue moistre(%) Input capacity(t/d)
DLDT1000 1000 2.2 ≥0.5 0.2 4.0 5180*1640*2280 76~85% 50~65 30~40
DLDT1500 1500 3.0 0.3 5180*2240*2280 40~50
DLDT2000 2000 4.0 0.3 5180*2640*2280 50~70
DLDT2500 2500 5.5 0.3 5180*3140*2280 70~90
DLDT3000 3000 7.5 0.3 5180*3640*2280 90~120

Successful Case

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