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This dryer is mainly composed of drying section, tempering section, cooling section, etc.; it adopts mixed flow drying technology and can conduct one-time or circulated drying with the medium of clean hot air. Grain flows slowly from top to bottom along the channel between angular boxes under the influence of gravity; while the hot air comes into the dryer through the angular box, and then passes through the grain layer, flows to the surrounding air exhaust boxes, turns into exhaust gas, and eventually gets discharged from the air exhaust box. The heating up temperature of grain in the dryer is an alternating process. Thin grain layer, low fan power and low power consumption result in lower cost. The hot-blast stove is composed of the furnace body, the heat exchanger and other components; it takes coal, straw, waste wood, rice husk as its fuel. The heat exchanger is made of heat resistant material, so it has high thermal efficiency and long service life.


Small -scale mobile grain dryer mainly adopts mixed flow drying technology ,It mainly makes use of the clean hot air as heat medium to dry grain. The interior of dryers is composed of angular ventilation boxes, which is arranged in a staggered arrangement. The angular boxes are filled with grains flowing downward. The hot air enters the intake angular box through the grain layer, and passes through the grain layer from above to below.

1. The model is used for drying rice, wheat, corn, soybeans and other grains which has a high moisture content.
2. Suitable for farms, grain supply centers and grain individual suppliers.
3. When the moisture content is high, it can adopt cyclic drying process to dry. When the moisture content is low, it only need to dry for once.
4. The grain dryer uses the hot air as the drying medium and adopts cyclic drying process. The grains are heated and dried uniformly and sufficiently. The eventual products has a good quality after drying.
5. The grain dryers uses coal, husk, straw or wood as fuel. The exhaust gas after combustion and heat transfer is clean hot air, which has no pollution for the drying grain.
6. Simple structure, small footprint, convenient operation and transportation.

Model: YDLG-1000 YDLG-2000
Output: kg/h 1000 2000
Dropping exten:% 5-8
Hot air temperature:℃ 80~120
Unevenness of drying: <2%)
Coal consumption:kg/h 35~60

Case introduction

Ningxia customers came to our company for the investigation of wheat dryer Project in September 2015 ,this equipment(10 t/h). This equipment has normally been put into use after two-month installation and test. The Ningxia customers gave us high complime


Installation location:Ningxia China
Equipment name: Wheat Dryer Project Profile
Production capacity: 15t/h

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